Zero waste kit

Hello, everyone!
As I noticed in my 2 recent vacation trips, where I tried to live with little waste, LINK something, I really need is a zero waste kit. Previously, my zero waste "kit" only included 2 plastic lunch boxes. They did, indeed avoid some waste, but were definitely not enough. So, I am now expanding this to a real zero waste kit to take with me everywhere to be prepared for any occasion:

1.)/ 2.) To blow my nose (quite often due to hay fever), I use handkerchiefs `LINK that I pack into a small bag.
3.) For a long time, I had searched for an alternative to these kind of papers, you get when buying kebab or sandwiches at a snack shop. This amazing blog LINK WL REBEL inspired me to just use a dish tower to get the food packed in.
4.) A pair of chopsticks. If I am at a snack shop and (what is almost all the time the case) the only available cutlery is made of plastic (or one- time- use wooden chopsticks), I can use this reusable chopsticks instead. Most of the times, however, I will eat with my hands.
5.) 1 fabric bag to use instead of plastic bags to transport anything dry.
6.)/ 7.) 2 plastic lunch boxes of different size. When I get small food, it is useful to lunch boxes to fill it in. If I know that I go somewhere, I will also fill my lunch in there. As the boxes can be put in one another, they do not take up a lot of volume or weight.
8.) A reusable 0,5 litre water bottle. When it is empty, I can just refill it at any public (or private) washbasin.

I have noticed a lot of other zero wast bloggers often taking a reusable coffee cup or any other cup to get drinks filled in. As I, however, drink tap water almost all the time, I so not regard this item necessary.
Apart from the water bottle, I put everything into a bag that just fits the size of all supplies. (1.)
This is my basic zero waste kit for now. I am sure it will change in the progress, so I will update you about any change.

See you soon,

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