How to avoid, handle and organize all- nighters

Hello, people!
Maybe you are reading this in the late evening, because you just realized that this big test was actually tomorrow or that you actually had to learn all chapters for this important quiz. I may assume that you see no other option than pulling an all- nighter to prevent a disaster.

But first of all, I want to talk about how to prevent all- nighters in beforehand.
1.) Plan
Have a planner and remark important dates and events in it. Write in a date the moment, you get told about it. Make remarks a few weeks before the exam (how many weeks according to how big and important the exam is). Make sure to check your planner every day.
2.) Get conscious about your work
If you know that your exam is only x weeks away and you should start preparing, start by making a list of all contents and topics, you have to study. This way, you know the exact amount of studying, you have to do.
3.) Split the work up
Once you are conscious about your work, get to your planner and estimate the time you have left for studying. Split up your studying content, so that you study everyday until a few days before the exam a little. Also plan, that you will not be likely to spent a complete day studying, but rather study a little for each day. Tick the days you have studied to see your progress.

Doing so, you should be prepared enough to avoid all- nighters. If the situation, however, occurs, here is a tutorial on how to manage all- nighters.
1.) Prepare
Set a place to study and gather all your study materials. You have to make sure that you have everything, you need on hand. Choose a place where you can be comfortable without falling asleep.
2.) Know your work
As with the 2nd step of the first tutorial, start by assembling all your study content and make a list about the work you have to do.
3.) Plan
Estimate, how long it will take you to study all your content. multiply this number by 2 and you have a realistic time estimation. It is beneficial to study for a certain amount of time and then take a short break. Make a short plan where you plan the time period, you want to study what topic as well as the breaks you are going to take. Tick each study session after finishing.
4.) Don't fall asleep
Apart from not working in a too comfortable place, you can take action to avoid falling asleep. Drinking water, exercising, going outside, looking at a screen and sprinkling your face with water are ways to avoid tiring. You can use the breaks in between your studying blocks to keep yourself awake.
5.) Sleep?
If you are done studying before the night is over, you will wonder whether to use the remaining time to sleep. I personally would recommend not to do so, because it makes me even more tired. Instead, you can revise your studying content, pack your bag or go for a stroke.
6.) Review
After you have successfully completed an all- nighter and wrote the exam, it is time to review the occurence in order to avoid all- nighters from now one. What has lead to the need to study everything at once? Have you forgot planning or just did not follow your plan? Did you plan unrealistically or lack dicipline in studying? Make sure, you identify the reason and then take action to eliminate it.
I hope you found that tutorial helpful and see you soon,

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