I might write a fanfiction this november

Hello, everyone!
Have you ever heard of NaNoWriMo. The first time, I heard this abbreviation was in a newspaper article in our local newspaper of a girl who participated there. After googling the project, I decided that I wanted to participate as well- someday. Then I forgot about the project for several years until last year.

NaNowri Mo is the abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month, annual internet project where participants are challenged to write a novel of at least 50,000 words in the month of November. The main goal is to motivate people to write, inspire them and let them exchange with other writers to keep the motivation. As the goal is a set number of words, the main focus is on completition of the written and prevent the phenomenon, that one spends hours to rewrite and perfectize a paragraph and then loses the motivation to continue the novel any further what leads to a stack of half- started scripts but no finished work.
I used to write a lot and even wanted to become an author when I was younger. One of my writings, i indeed continued until more of the half of it was written. The problem there was, however, that the novel was long and maybe completed but the acting made partly no sense at all and was over- complicated. Next to this, I have also written down a bunch of nice ideas and maybe even started writing, but never any further than a few pages. So, I want to take this year's NaNoWriMo as an opportunity to do differently.
I do not actually know wha I had not participated last year already, because at this point of time, I was definitely not longer a person to say "someday". I believe that it was already half into november when I realized that it was NaNowriMo time and therefore delayed my participation one year.
So, the crucial question is now, what I want to write. And for anyone who was looking forward to a new, innovatively creative fantasy- novel, I have to disappoint you by saying that I am going to write a fanfiction. This means that the basic course of acting is already outlined as well as the writing style. Since the trilogy of the novel is not finished yet (the third book is yet to await), I also cannot go further than the original story and think about an ending. Okay, well, I could do so, but I prefer to let the author decide, how the story is going to end. I want to write a fanfiction of Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts.
According to the NanOWriMo page, there are two main kinds of authors. The one kind gets inspired a lot and just has a rough idea about the atmosphere of the novel and will start his novel from scratch. The other one will spend the months before november outlining and planning the story, creating characters and making a writing plan. I am definitely the latter one.
What else should I say? I am very much looking forward to november and will hopefully be able to update you on my experience regularly.
(page of NaNoWriMo; page of camp NaNoWriMo)
Happy writing and see you soon,




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