KonMari- I finally did it!

Hello, everyone!
Almost a year ago, I wrote a blogpost about minimalism according to Marie Kondo and, not long after this, how I implemented the KonMari method into my wardrobe. Before writing those post, I had listened to the audiobook of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo and wanted to put her tips into practice.
At least a little.

Well, only in my closet.
And only the folding method.
I never really used other tips apart from her folding philosophy because to be honest, I thought I did not need it. I considered myself quite tidy and a minimalist as well, so there would be no point in implementing her whole tidying system to get rid of only a few items in the end.
So, I basically forgot about her until this summer. On summer vacation, I made my aunt and mother read her first book and we discussed some topics briefly. At home, I wanted to know more and started listening to the audiobook of "spark joy", her second book. At the beginning, she emphasises that only people who already did a tidying marathon or are in progress of doing so, should listen to that second book.
And so I did so.

And I did get rid of more than a few items.
It has to be said though, that I only cleaned my room. I have no household and big house, I would be responsible for, but only my own space. While it turned out to be true that I am a tidy person, as for minimalism.. not so much. I had every item in my room neatly ordered, labelled and stored, but the items were simply too much. I was surprised, how much things I kept, because they were expensive or rare or "just because". And, most importantly, I found out more about what really sparks joy in my life.

So, I started by clothes.
The method
1.) Lay out every item of a category (,clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous (added by me) decoration, sentimental items) on the floor.
2.) Take every item in your hand and decide if it sparks joy.
3.) Discard the rest.
4.) Find a place for the items, you like. (vertical is king.)

My results
In the end, I put away one bin liner of clothes, maybe 5 books, a huge stack of paper and a half bin liner of decoration, sentimental and miscellaneous items. (I say "put away", because I actually discarded the smaller part and gave away or donated the majority). In contrast to Kondo's clients, who discard 30- 40 bin liners of stuff on average, this is nothing. In my case, this small amount still exceeded all my estimations. I had kept most of this items because they were functional and I do need them sometimes. Tidyng up, I realized that most of my room was just designed to be functional, simple to use and easy to clean.
For example had my bed been standing in a edge of the room, where the ceiling was lower and the furniture just fit in. Looking at this, I realized, that I actually wanted to sleep next to a window and so I moved the bed.

Seeing all items at a glance
Moreover, I changed the way of storing things. My storage method had reached from stacking things to bags and boxes, storing things vertically and putting them into small spaces. Marie Kondo recommends storing things vertically (if possible), so that all items can be seen at a glance and organizing items of the same category in open boxes, where every thing is visible. I implemented especially the latter into my storing system and the result is amazing. My items are so much more organized and my cabinet looks a lot neater. Moreover, it is way easier to find and grab things.

My room is not a museum
Also, I kept some decoration items, especially posters, to "show" something. I wanted that people, who come into my room, directly see, what I like and stand for and that this may open some interesting conversations. But as I realized, I do support and like a lot of other things, that I do not have poster of hand on my wall and there have no problems occurred. Moreover will people, who I let into my private room, will know enough about me and my interests anyway. If want to show them, how great of a person I am, I should rather do this with actions than with posters.

Keep memories, not things
The main reason, I kept a lot of things is attachment to the past, especially to my time in Japan (about a thing that happened to me about this, i will blog soon), so I had an unexplicable fear of putting things from there away, because I might forget things or loose contact with the person, who gave me the item. But after all, nobody can life in the past.
Bad memories will not be forgotten anyway and really beautiful memories, you will also remember forever. If there is something, you can only remember something seeing the item, you connect with it, is this memory really worth keeping?

Funny coincidences
Especially sorting my sentimental items and papers, I understood, what people really make my life happier. I contacted 2 friends to  arrange appointments with them. While sorting old photos on my computer, I came across a lot of videos, I took together with an old friend, who used to make me happy. Just the next day, she contacted me.

Family pressure
I did keep some things that do not spark joy. Those items, I stored at separate places outside of my room are all things, that my parents want me to keep. For now, this is unavoidable and I am okay with it.

Before & after?
Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos before I started my tidying marathon. I have, however, some nice After- pictures, that just show how neat and beautiful my room now is (at least in my eyes) My room really was not that messy before, but it was just functional and this has changed now. I am very happy with the results.


Does it spark still joy?
After tidying, I found that I am much more sensitive to whether a item makes me happy or not. Having ended tidying my room, I still get rid of one or to items occasionally because I can feel that they no not add value to my life. This also affects  my shopping behaviour. I was never that big of a "shopping person", but would, for example, sometimes buy items when people would pay them (often at vacation) But now, I realized that this behaviour is pointless. I do not "earn" an item doing so but I add a burden to my room.    

The book
If you want to experience similar amazing results, I highly recommend "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo. It is available as an audiobook on youtube as well.

So, I really hope, you enjoyed today's post and got inspired to really tidy your room as well. See you soon,

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