KonMari tidying incident

Hello, everyone!
After finishing the KonMari tidying in my room LINK, I directly continued my purge on my digital gadget, starting with my computer. Applying the KonMari method, I copied all my documents, photos and texts on my computer in one big folder to declutter them there.

At least, I tried to do so. Copying around items, I saw that I had a lot of them 2 or 3 times. I used a hard disk to store the folder on, then copied it back to the desktop and somehow deleted a folder with some photos, including half of the pictures I took in Japan. Sorting around, I realized that this part was somehow missing. then, I found out that I must have deleted it and emptied the trash.
For one moment, I thought: "Shit!" I had literally accidentally deleted all of the photos I had taken during the best 2 month of my life. But for some reason, I was not really sad, only a little astonished. After all, it are just pictures. Pictures taken to keep one in million moments. I deleted the pictures, but not the memories attached to them.
The only negative thing is though, that I cannot share this pictures on my blog (apart from 3 pictures, I somehow found in other folders) what may be a little sad. But as for the memories, it does not feel bad having lost this pictures. However, I could not bring myself to deleting so much other pictures without  having looked at them. I now have reduced my photos and videos to less than 1,000 ones, not including some videos, I still want to cut. In general, I might come to a total of 1,200 photos and videos on my computer. Compared to the previous 4,000, this feels like a very small amount, but 1,200 is still a high number.
The photo incident, however, made me realize that the photos are just that: photos, no memories, no fun, no time machine gadget. So, I am positive that I can reduce them more.
I might update you on my current photo collection in a few month to let you know the actual amount.
Have a nice day and see you soon,

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