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Hello, everybody!
I am almost at the end of my tidying marathon, ending with my digital clutter. Researching about this a little, I came across a really inspirational video from minimalist talking about his reasons to go minimalist and how he pursues this lifestyle digitally. His approach was to look at every application on your phone and ask yourself, whether this very program adds value to your life. Without watching the video till the end, I thought about this myself.

While I have way less applications than the average person, it still is quite an amount of programs. On my computer, I might have not that many applications, but some bookmarks to pages, I visit frequently.
I started with my phone. I had 8 apps installed there. I deleted pinterest and tumblr. While I like this sides a lot, I do not want to post crappy photos from my phone there, but instead upload photos taken with my camera to my computer and post them from there. I still have a language learning app, a countdown timer, 3 social media apps and a Kanji- learning program. I am, however, considering getting rid of 3 of those as well.
With my computer, it was a little more work. I had a lot of bookmarks directed to different pages and some pages, I would frequently visit despite no bookmarks being beamed towards them. I started with my social media and quit pinterest, facebook and etsy. I cannot even remember why I started pinterest in the first place, but I did never really like the appearance of the page and spent way too long time scrolling through the pages. No information, I found there actually added value to my life or inspired me in some way. As for facebook, I basically used the platform to stay hypocritically in contact, what meant liking and commenting some of their pictures briefly and updating my status from time to time. Whenever I visited the page, I spent a few minutes scrolling through my news fed, wondering if maybe something interesting and mind- blowing might appear, what never happened. talking about etsy, I tried to sell my fimo creations there, what did not work out and did nothing else there.
When I say "quitting" the platforms, I mean logging out there (forgot my password for a lot of them) and deleting the bookmark to the page.
I continued the social media purge by unsubscribing to all youtube channels. In the end, I either watch videos of other interesting youtubers anyway or listen with half an ear to youtube playing popular videos in automatic mode. To remind myself of this, I made a note on my desktop, saying: "Does this video prevent useful information or add value to my life?". More often than not, I would use the platform to procrastinate "productively" (because I was, after all, absorbing information) and feel not better afterwards. I also unsubscribed from the 3 tumblrs, I had followed and all but 1 goodreads- author.
After this, I went on with my bookmarks. I had about 20 bookmarks that were often labelled nicely and organized quite well (I remember seeing on a friend's computer that she had more than 50 bookmarks to any random page, she found interesting. It looked quite overwhelming) I went through every bookmark and asked myself, whether this page is useful and helpful for my life and does not waste my time. I removed bookmarks from smarticular, youtube and (yes) HabitRPG as well as some pages of movies, I wanted to watch and articles, I wanted to read. Then, I sorted and labelled the remaining 14 again. Inspired by the podcasts of the minimalists, I just named them with one word, explaining their purpose.
Now, the bookmarks look way more organized and I feel better with my computer. I might fall back into procrastinating on social media and article pages, but right now, I am positive that I will use my time on computer and smartphone way more productively.
I hope, you enjoyed this post and it inspired you to take a closer look on your own bookmarks, subscriptions and applications as well. See you soon,

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