summer vacation (Berlin & East sea)

Hello, everyone!
After having talked about the food I ate and the stuff I packed for summer vacation in detail, today, I want to give you an impression, what the general vacation was like, apart from stuff and food.

We started our vacation travelling to Berlin. I already was to Berlin two times, but every time is a new experience, especially since this time, I was not going there alone. Being there with two friends was an entirely new experience- both negative and positive. Compared to the times, when I was to berlin on my own, we did way less sightseeing and travelling through Berlin. I see 2 main reasons for this. Firstly, it was not that we had no plan, but one friend and mine had planned sightseeing and travelling in detail. When arrived in Berlin, however, the third friend had different plans to we collectively ignored our former plans and spontaneously visited places. But even if we had sticked to the plan (and that is reason nr. 2), we definitely overestimated the number of places you can travel in one day. So, this was more of a slow and unhurried sightseeing tour.
Being on my own obviously excludes discussions and conflicts at all whereas travelling together triggers some disputes.  In contrast to the trips, when I visited Berlin in my own, we had some problems finding the way and took the wrong bus a few times.
On the other hand, we visited some places, I had not been to at my former trips to Berlin and they were really interesting. Sometimes, it was nice to have people to talk to.
So, we spend the first day in Berlin walking around and visiting some places. I had filled a mason jar with coconut butter to use it as a supplement for sunscreen. On the first morning, I creamed myself with the butter  what seemed to work out well. So, I took the mason jar with me to maybe cream myself again during the day. But then happened what had to happen; the mason jar leaked and my whole backpack was soaked with coconut butter. At least, it did not smell but my alternative sunscreen was gone. On the first day, I also broke my sunglasses. I just put it into my backpack like everything, but in the evening, I had to realized that one bracket was broken off. I had not really used it and even questioned whether it is really necessary, but it was not nice to have it broken either. It was, however, an interesting day.

As for my "passion" of waste avoidment, I also captured some less beautiful parts of Berlin:

The first think, we saw were the flags. At some places here and there were rainbow flags. We wondered not too much, because we thought to ourselves that this is just Berlin and the people there. Then, at the Brandenburger gate, we saw even more huge rainbow flags been hung up, together with the letters: "Christopher Street Day" Of course, such an event was celebrated in Berlin bigger than elsewhere in Germany, I thought, but was at the same time convinced that the parade had already taken place or would happen when we already left the town. It seemed to unrealistic that the parade would take place when we were actually there.
Surprisingly, this was the case. As we quickly found out via internet, the Christopher Street Day" would take place the very next day. We fastly changed our plans into going there the next day. Writing this, I am still surprised about how much luck we had with the time, it happened.
So, the next day, one friend of mine went to the Kurfürstendamm to visit our very first Christopher Street Day. Instead of writing about it, I will just let the photos talk:

Rainbow flags everywhere

So, this event from my impossible list fulfilled itself faster than I could ever imagine.
I purchased a big rainbow flag there, not because of a temporary mood, but because it was an item I wanted to purchase for a long time. What was also positive was that it was only rolled up and fixed with a rubber band instead of being packaged in plastic.
The rest of our time in Berlin was a lot of sightseeing to interesting places as well as eating delicious food. Talking about the food, it was less expensive than I had expected it to be. Both shopping at supermarkets and buying food at snack restaurants turned out to be not too expensive.

Then, it was already time for us to leave this beautiful city behind and travel to the east sea to go camping there.
Camping always triggers my creativity. I belive, that this is because of the near to nature as well as the often very poor living circumstances like coldness, hunger, discomfort, walking long distances in the direct sun and wetness. This negative emotions inspire my brain to produce interesting ideas for projects, I could do, places, I could travel and things, I could try out. This campsite, however, limited this think a little by bein clean and having warm, clean and comprehensive hygiene rooms. Especially the latter really surprised me. I still had some interesting thoughts though.
Talking about my impossible list, I also ticket off another goal: having a mudbath.

The campsite made me want to become closer to nature and treat my body like it is naturally designed to. I had minimal cosmetics with me and thought about having even less.
What I really enjoyed was that we purchased our food daily at a supermarket and could therefore decide, what to eat. Every morning, we ate one water melon what tasted amazing and made me want to eat more fruits at home as well. I also walked a lot bare foot. At the east sea, I almost never wore shoes and it simply was amazing. There, I used my smartphone even less and felt very good doing it.
In general, it was a very interesting, multifaceted and fascinating vacation trip.
See you soon,

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