About 8 month ago, I talked about the KonMari method, a method to tidy your house perfectly, what means only keeping items that you love. Given that these are usually the minority of your things, one may see her as a minimalist and her method as a way to achieve minimalism. So I thought about 8 month ago and still about one month ago, when I actually realized the method. Now, in course of events, I have changed my mind.
One of Marie Kondos statements is to tidy your house all at once- otherwise, she states, that clutter well re- accumulate and you won't get anywhere with your tidying. from my experience, I can deny that statement. In the last one and a half years I have been constantly decluttering my room, sometimes less, sometimes more. While I did still buy items and had new items in my shelves, the overall tendency was that I had less and less stuff.
Like some other books or people, the KonMari method triggered my tidying spirit again and I handled another tidying season- just a more organized one. Now, one month after having done so, I already have way less stuff than I had after tidying according to Marie Kondo. In the overall view, her method did not significantly increase my downsizing process.

That is, because her method is about tidying, but not about minimalism.
Marie Kondo has one criteria to determine whether to keep an item, what is "Does it spark joy". Anything that does spark joy is, in her opinion worth keeping.
As from a minimalist point of view, however, there are lots more questions to ask, for example if the item is useful or fits your needs. Minimalism is about owning the bare minimum of what you could live with.
The reason for this change is the fact that is that Kondo's book is not addressed towards minimalists. It is for (in that matter) "normal" people who jsut want a tidy and clean house, that is organized and looks well. The book is not targeted towards minimalists who thrive to downsize your possessions to the minimum that is essential for you. Minimalism and the KonMari method cannot really be compared because they have different aims.

It was interesting to declutter my possessions the KonMari way, yes, I definitely see some great points in her method but I believe that given my minimalist approach, I would have decluttered these things sooner or later anyway. But if you want a minimalist house with minimal possessions, there is more to it than this book.

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