(source) (note: yes, I still do use plastic toothbrushes as on the picture)
Hello, everyone!
Today, I was to the dentist. While this is not really an event, I look forward to, this time, I was curious. For the last 3 month I had been brushing my teeth only with water.

When I was considering zero waste in my personal hygiene, I immediately noticed the amount of plastic, toxins etc. I produced using toothpaste. As quickly as possible, I used up the remaining tubes, I had, looking forward to this great zero waste toothpaste recipe, a lot of zero waste people used. When the day finally came, I went into my kitchen and made three small bottles of baking soda- coconut oil toothpaste. And tried it out. I felt like throwing up. Of course, it is a great zero waste solution for a lot of people, but I just recognized that this mixture was nothing for me and felt that neither would any other kind of self- made toothpaste be. So, as an reaction, I just brushed my teeth with water. It was not rellay planned out, but I just did so. What reassured me in my decision was a chapter in a book about habits,  explaining how a popular american toothpaste company made almost all americans use toothpaste by changing their habits. Toothpaste so is, everything but a crucially necessary item but rather just a product, most of us are used to.
Well, no longer. I recognized 2 things when I brushed my teeth with water.
1.) I was more careful with brushing. Before, I just thought that toothpaste would make it and it would therefore be okay to be not that careful and complete with brushing my teeth all the time. Now, I orderly adhere my time and make sure to brush every tooth and my tongue intensively.
2.) My brush does not fray as quickly as it used to.
When I was to the dentist, I was surprised. I was surprised two times, to be honest. My first surprise was that the dentist said nothing negative. Seemingly, this new behaviour was not affecting my dental health negatively. The second surprise was, that he said nothing negative at all. The last times, I went to the dentist, he always said that I should care more about for example my molars or use dental floss more frequently. Now, nothing like this was said. Although this still proves nothing, it definitely strengthens me in my decision.
So, this was a really positive experience I made concerning my minimalist/ zero waste development.
Have a nice day,

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