For 5 month, I have been washing my hair with nothing but water.
Well, I tried to.            
In my no poo post, where I explained my motivations and ideas for this project, I said that I would post an update around 2 month from this day. Now, a slightly longer time has passed and I will tell you about my experience.
Starting with no poo, I did a lot of research and every page, I looked at proposed another way of no poo washing. Even the methods of washing with water only distinguished a lot from each other. I decided to use one method, that seemed serious to me, but the number of steps and time it took to go through all of them every few days made me stop that quickly. So, I just tried to wash my hair as usual, just without the viscous gel in my hair. I kind of massaged hair and scalp and squeezed in the water a few times. This method did remove some sebum, but not enough to keep the hair clean for more than one day. So, I experienced with different methods. In an act of desperation, I used a method that works with rye flour to clean my hair. The problem was, that I used normal flour what made my hair stick together and don't look clean at all. After a few weeks of experimenting, I found the simplest method to be the best. Since then, I used this method, that keeps my hair clean for about half a week. 

Because the tutorial is in German, I am going to explain it again:
Adjust a warm, comfortable temperature and the hardest water jet possible.
It is the easiest to wash with the head pointing downwards.
While buzzing off the hair, always raise single hair strands. I go around the head like this from left to right and from the  front to the back. Especially around the neck and behind the ears, you have to go over multiple times. Avoid massaging your scarp, because this stimulates the sebum prouduction. 
By buzzing off the hair over and over, they absorb water and start to feel heavier. They emit a whitish, sometimes a little greyish, oily foam, you can see in the drain.  
If no new foam comes, you are done. Buzz off your hair a lost time with cold water and then let it dry.  

In the progress of washing, the time span, in which my hair greases, slowly increased. It is certainly remarkable, however, that washing my hair like this takes longer that the normal hair washing. Usually, you wetten your hair, apply shampoo, massage it in a little and then rinse it out. At most, you might repeat this process twice, but it usually is done in a few minutes. With washing with water only, however, a spend around 7 to 10 minutes washing my hair. This sometimes takes patience. Moreover, I am wondering whether the amount of trash, I don't put in nature, is not compensated by the amount of water, I use more. Because it certainly is a higher amount of water I use, I would guess about double the amount.

I feel like by washing my hair with nothing but natural water, I have a different relation to my hair and scalp now. I have learned what is important for my hair and what I want to remove when washing it and what not. Shampoo cannot distinguish between sebum, grease and the hair's protective layer, it just removes everything but the hair brutally. After washing with water only, I feel really clean, but I   don't feel naked and as if my hair needs time to repair itself. 
Speaking about, I also got the feeling that my split ends have decreased since dumping shampoo. My hair generally feels healthier.
Because it takes some patience and time, washing hair like this cannot be done in a hurry or very spontaneously. So, I developed a routine to ensure that I don't have to fall back on shampoo, when I am in a hurry for my hair beauty. This happened twice in this progress.
All in all, I am satisfied with my  results and will keep washing my hair with water only.

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