I was in Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm now going to do this. 
Some background information:
I was in Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments I added in retrospect)

travel2japan #87 2 obentos
Real date: June, 5th, Friday

Today morning, I got up at half past 5, got ready and made some stuff. Breakfast was tasty. Because I will send the letter today, I will not go to calligraphy club. Wakari san told me, that she will be home at 12 pm tonight. This is late! So, dinner will be obentos (lunch boxes) <3. Wakari san will be home at  9 pm. I am really looking forward to today! Life in Japan is wonderful. <3
On the way to school, I thought about possible questions, I could ask. Somehow, I realized that I had never really looked at the houses around me on my way to school. I thought that all of them very beautiful and I wanted to take photos of all of them. What made them the most beautiful was, that each one told a story and was individual and had special people living inside them.

At school, I talked to Ami and Kyoka. Ami explained again sentences from my corrected diary to me and, since I will go to the 7 11 store for lunch today, I again asked people for tasty food. A lot of people recommended that kind of small muesli bars with cream inside of them that fill the stomach quickly, blueberry seems to be the most popular kind.
I went to the library, where I felt like Amber was facing the same problems, I had at the beginning of my exchange- the hunger for example. The next lesson was P.E. where we trained the tennis backhand. It was really difficult but fun and the time passed quickly. After P.E., I had calligraphy class, what I had to rush to as always. I changed quickly and then waited for my friends, but they said it was okay for me to leave, so I left quickly. However, I was late for calligraphy class again. I really do not like calligraphy class. I don't understand a lot of the explanations, there is the girl that says nothing to me but "Hopey!!", I have to ask to get a book borrowed every single lesson and the actual practice time is really short. In the break, I wrote messages.
However, the lesson was over at some point and I left quickly. In the classroom, Ami was not there, because my class had have English communication class, in which the class is split in half. On the way there, I saw a backpack with a statement that read "Hello, I'm fine". Quickly, I went to the 7 11, decided what to buy and left. When I arrived at the classroom, everybody had just started eating. I had bought this blueberry muesli bars and they were so tasty! I love them. Moreover, I bought a box of 6 dangos filled with anko (bean pastete) that were okay. I talked to my friends about sleep. I told them that people in Germany usually get around 8 hours of sleep and everyone: "lo-ng". They said, that in Japanese TV, 7 hours of sleep are said to be the best (Ina: "long!") We talked a lot and I finished eating right before the next class.
English class was okay, we did not talk a lot. After that, Kyou told me some data about the au commercial movie, we are going to do and she finally -finally- spoke Japanese -.- .In mathematics, the English communication teacher sat on my place (?) We have a new sitting order, so my friends in this class are sitting far away from me :( But it is okay. I understood most of the lesson. Back in the classroom, everybody got information paper for university. The students read and filled in something. I talked a little with my homeroom teacher("Your Japanese has become very good!"). After the class, I talked a little to Ami. She told me that she is going to attend mathematics extra lessons with a friend of hers after school.

 I went home quickly, changed clothes and send the letter. On the way, I found lemon sweets. At the post station, I got a package of tissues with the logo of the post station, when I send the letter. At a nearby 7 11, I bought this muesli bars (another cream taste) and roll cake. Back home, I checked my mail (answered a mail from my brother) and used a tip from Maiko to watch One Piece episodes on youtube. I watched episode 1 to 5 (1 hour and 40 minutes in total), what was really fun. I really love One Piece. I really want to continue watching One Piece this way, of course in Japanese. This videos were somehow subtitled in... Lativian?  Meanwhile, I ate my obento, consisting of omocis, salad and omraisu, really tasty! I also watched TV and surfed the internet. Suddenly, someone was at the door. Even though it was still 8 pm, Kouta san already came home. Quickly, I put away the computer and warmed up his obento. He came in and started eating. Suddenly he looked at his food in a suspicious way. It was sushi and I had warmed it up. I had completely forgotten that you eat sushi cold and Kouta san put the obento back in the fridge. I apologized and felt fear and my stomach hurt, but Kouta san kept saying: "It's okay"; he seemed calmer than me. We talked and then I took a shower and went to bed. I still felt bed because of the sushi incident.
Because it is raining tomorrow, we will not go to Kamokura. We will wash my bed sheets.
I just wanted to make Kouta san happy, but instead, I messed up his dinner. With this weird feeling in the stomach, I went to bed.

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