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I was in Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm now going to do this. 
Some background information:
I was in Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments I added in retrospect)

travel2japan #86
Real date: June, 4th, Thursday
Today was a really good day. In the morning, I kind of woke up a little before 5am but dozed in bed until 6 am. Breakfast was tasty and I spoke a lot with Kouta san. While changing clothes, I thought about the questions, I want to ask today, what was not that difficult. I noted them down in my smartphone. I was in my room, when Wakari san shouted: "We are leaving, Hopey" and shut the front door. I was frightened that they would leave without me and hurried up to get outside. We left together and I arrived at school early.

At school, since today is Ayama's birthday, people wrote "Ayama Happy Birthday " on the blackboard. I gave Ayama chocolate as a gift. Her whole table was filled with birthday gifts, almost everything was sweets as well as a big photo board made by her friends.
 I went to Amis table and talked to her. I had taken my small diary, that Wakari san corrects, with me and asked her about things, I did not understand about the corrections. The first thing, she could explain to me, the second problem was so difficult, that she couldn't. The girl sitting in front of her (Eria, "Miss Whale") also tried to help but found it impossible to explain. After homeroom class, we went to the teacher, who explained to me ("You are studying very hard", she said). She also told me that my chemistry teacher had told her that I am studying very hard, what really surprised me. I don't say a thing in his classes.
However, I went to the library for the first lesson. I wrote a letter to my parents and Amber studied her Kumon levels again. Then, her homeroom teacher came in (I don't know why, maybe, because of Amber's problems with her host family) and talked to us. It was okay that I was writing the letter. We talked about Tokyo and the homeeroom teacher told us about interesting places there. My math teacher came in and told me that I have to go to a eye investigation now. We went to another room, where my class was waiting. I talked to Ami. The math teacher took my schoolbag and brought it to my classroom. The eye investigation was very short, the doctor looked at my eye for maybe 5 seconds. Then, I went upstairs. Because there was not very much time left, I attended the last minutes of my classes lesson. The next class was crafts, where I finished my basket. In the break, I ate 2 onigiris (rice balls) of my obento  (lunch box). I really don't know whether this was good. I talked with the teacher about what I am going to do next. We looked through magazines about working with leather and I decided that I want to sew a purse. I chatted a little with the teacher (she said: "Nihongo jouzu" (your Japanese is good)). With the students, I did not talk that much. Then, I went back to the library and continued writing the letter.
During lunchtime, I talked a little with people. Again, everybody talked about the sports festival. I ate my obento kind of slowly. It consisted of 4 onigiri, meat with potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, kiwi and water melon, 3 meat balls and a green vegetable. It was very tasty. Kyoka bought (I don't know, why) herself 2 small breads and ate one. When Makoto came around and said, she wanted to eat the bread, Kyoka simply gave it to her. Today, everyone mandatory choose sports for the sport festival. For some reason, nobody (except for me) wanted to do running.
The lesson after lunch break was home economics. I went there with my friends and almost forgot my apron in the classroom. I am in one cooking group with Ayama, "Pinky" (nickname for her friend Yuria, who seemed to like the color pink) and 2 other friends of her who are in the Basketball club. Cooking was so fun. We made potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese gratin, cucumbers and salad. The teacher and the trainee teacher helped us. It was really nice and fun. The teacher said to me that I am "good at cooking"! People told me how to pronounce  "French dressing" Japanese. Afterwards, we ate together, it was really tasty. Then, we cleaned everything very very neatly (One girl even toweled the sink). Back in the classroom, we talked about the school festival. I am in the "au" group, together with Ami. We decided, when to meet to make the short film. We could choose from before school (from 7 am on), in the lunch break or after school. We choose a date. I asked a lot of questions today.
After school, I waited for Hisa to go to tea ceremony club together, I talked a little with Kyoka and Ayama, but Hisa didn't came. When I asked her, when she is ready to go, she replied a little annoyed, that she will stay in the classroom for longer to plan something for the school festival. So, I went to the club alone. On the way there, I met the German- speaking teacher and talked a little to him ("You have become good in Japanese") At the tea ceremony club, Amber was already there. We learned, how to use this red scarf. This special tea ceremony teacher was there again. Because my scarf was folded the wrong way, the girl next to me folded it the right way and I did not get a lot of the explanations and got a lot of movements wrong. Because of this, I think, the special teacher thought, that my Japanese was not so good. But I did not care because I knew that my Japanese was okay and the other people knew. The sweets were tasty. Because we kneed the whole time, my feet really hurt after a while. At the end, when we stood up, I could not feel anything below my knee anymore. Because of this, I did not sit straight the whole time. It hurt so much, I did not know what to do. It was a really weird experience. Usually, when something hurts, I know how I would feel better and what I could do to feel better or what I wished I could do. But here, it just felt so unbearable that I did not even know what to do. I just wanted the pain to go away and for a fe seconds, I felt like I could not move because of how enormous this pain was. (I never had an experience like this since then) We went in the other room and I choose a tea ceremony bag, I liked. When it was 5: 20 pm, I left.
I went to the 7 11 and asked for Omochi sweets, but they just had a really big and expensive bag, so I left and went home quickly.

At home, Wakari san was not there. A letter from my friends (Laura and Anna) had arrived. I cleaned the kitchen a bit. When Wakari san came home, we talked a lot and laughed a bit. After dinner, we talked a lo-ng time about university. For desert, we had some white balls that were filled with anko (bean pastete) I only ate half a ball and asked Wakari san, if she doesn't want to eat as well. She ate a quarter so I ate the remaining quarter. The balls were somehow wobbly, but I really liked anko. I wrote diary and we watched TV together.
When I was about to take a shower, Wakari san said "Itterasha-i" what I did not really understand. Because I want to do everything directly, I have to finish the letter answer today so that I can send it tomorrow. So, I stayed up writing till half past 11 am. I fell asleep quickly.

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