I counted my belongings the 2nd time

So, almost half a year has passed since I counted all of my belonging in my room the first time. Although back then, I said that I would update in one year, I kinda felt like repeating it already now, since I felt like I had get rid of quite some stuff.

My results look like this:
(After the current number of items is written the number of half a year ago in bracelets)

So, I would say that I quite have made some progress. No number is over 100 and all but 1 number (electronics) have gone down or stayed the same. I also renamed two categories and added another three. So, as the last time I am going to go through every category: (to get a definition about what falls into each category, read this article)

put away: 91 (153)
Funnily enough, the number of items I want to get rid of was the greatest of all in both countings. That it went down, says that I have indeed got rid of lots of items. However, there is still a big amount of objects, most of all manga- related things, that will leave my room soon. I hope, I can get this number down to 0 eventually, because constantly being reminded of things, you no longer want to have in your room is not too comforting.

clothes: 69 (89)
Given that I am actively sewing new clothing items, I would have expected this number to go up. It, however, seems as if I still got rids of lots of clothing pieces and filled my closet with handmade new ones at a slow pace. I do not want to worry about this number since it's directly connected with a big hobby of mine, sewing.

sewing items (previously: hobbie items): 47 (110)
Since all items, that are items for my hobbies are for sewing, I renamed this category. I am not really sure about the accuracy of this number, because a lot of sewing items belong to our family or are not located in my room, even though I am the only person using them. As with the last category, I am a little surprised that this number went down, while I was sewing more. So, I suppose I have picked out the really important sewing items to keep successfully.

electronics: 30 (16)
This is the only number, that went up in the course of this half a year. I cannot really tell a reason for this, other than that I now also counted my sewing machine and its supplies and counted my computer as four items. I did, however, add my camera and camcorder and its wires, what makes up five items in total.

stationary: 29 (62)
In previous month, I got rid of a lot of pencils and pens and now only have a small amount of supplies. Still though, I feel like I could decrease this number a lot if I did not stick to so much items, that are not really necessary.

accessories: 27 (29)
I have got rid of two accessories items in half a year. This is a little disappointing, also comparing it to the amount of clothes I have abandoned. I did have a few sessions where I went through all of my accessories and decided, which to keep and which to put away but it seems as if those weren't really successful. I either have ot start actually wearing this pieces regularly or put them away.

boxes/ bags: 25 (41)
Since all of my other possessions decreased, it's natural that the boxes I need to store them in, decrease as well. This is even more astonishing, since I implemented the KonMari method, that requires a lot of boxes for organizing into my room after counting my belongings the first time. This is a big point for organization. Lots of boxes and packages tend to make organization complicated. The thought, that there are about 20 boxes in my room, that only exist to organize other material items, still is not really motivating.

memory: 24 (111)
This number really shows progress. Decluttering and getting rid of memory items is certainly the most difficult part of minimizing my belongings. Trying to get rid of these objects, I felt that I really stick to items, that I connect with a certain memory. At some point, however, it got clear to me that memories do not stick with items, but with the brain of people. Whether a memory is kept does not rely on the place of an object that it was attached to. Half a year ago, I still had a storage shelf solely dedicated to those object. That I decreased this items so far really gives me relief and I feel like I am on a very good way here.

decoration: 23 (47)
In my room visible, there are only four pieces of decoration: three calligraphy drawings and one vision board. There are, however 19 other decoration pieces on the inside of my closet doors that I can see when opening it. That there are only four visible items of decoration makes my room feel very light and open and I am really happy with this decoration. Having my closet heavily decorated from the inside does not bother me, because I like these decorations very much.

school items: 16 (42)
Since I am not done with school yet, I was really astonished that the number of school- related items in my possession decreased so far. I don't really have an explanation for it either. The only reason, I can see is that I may have counted some things to stationary instead of school items, but this number decreased as well, so..

hangers in closet: 14 (x)
I am pretty certain that I did not count the hangers in my closet that are used to organize clothing and accessories in there. As with boxes and bags, this number is likely to go along the number of clothing items, I have. But even with a lot of clothing in my possession, I feel like not so many hangers are necessary, since only a small minority of my clothes needs to be hung up.

beauty/ health: 13 (42)
Beauty- wise, I used up a lot of products like creams and lotions that I no longer consider important or even helping. All but two items in this section are no creams or liquids like that but rather tools to maintain health and body beauty. I think that this number is going to decrease further in the next month.

furniture: 8 (13)
Luckily, I was able to get rid of two carpets and one cupboard and a chair in my room. There is only one furniture that I want to get rid of and now only use it to store things, that I want to donate or sell. So, I now really have come down to the most important items for now, although I again think that this will change in near future.

make up: 8 (23)
As with accessories, I had a lot of sessions going through my make up and decluttering it, but unlike with my accessories, this session really seemed to be successful. I recognized that I held on to a lot of make up because I thought I might need it someday for cosplay or something like this. So I told myself that I might need anything someday. There is no point in keeping stuff only because it might come in handy someday for something.

money: 6 (x)
This category includes items that I use to save and organize money. Since I started using the envelope system, there are some additional objects in my room. When I know whether this system works for me, it will unfold whether the items related to it are to keep.

food: 6 (x)
I opened this new category, because I have a cup in my room that I did not know which category to put it in. I also happened to have a small box of food in my room that I received for christmas. As I am typing, this number has already decreased to three items. When I have my own home, however, I expect this number to increase significantly.

zero waste items: 6 (98)
Last time, what made this number so high were all the self- made papers, I hold on to. But I was real with myself and admitted, that they were just to thick and rough to use properly and got rid of them. Now, I have a few extra items for zero waste living, what may indicate that minimalism and zero waste can contradict each other, but I am happy with it.

personal items: 5 (5)
This category has exactly stayed the same. My five items that I always take with me, still are my purse, my keys, my smartphone (sometimes), a hanky and my water bottle.

personal books: 4 (64)
The decrease of this number has to do with the fact, that I now counted letters as memory items, because at it's core, letters are just kept for sentimental reasons. Even so, I am astonished by the decrease of this number (considering that the number of memory items has also decreased a lot) Having sentimental books just does not matter to me as much anymore and I feel relieved and happy about this.

books: 4 (35)
This is impressive. There is one book, that I have currently lend to somebody, but even if the number was five, it would still be a gigantic progress made. The last time, I did not feel like getting rid of a single book I had, because all of them seemed important or happiness- spreading to me. While decluttering, I realized that I kept that most of them as a kind f "proof item" to show that I liked a certain series or author. So, I said to myself that there is no need for books to exist to show something and I am fan of a lot of other things, that are not represented in my bookshelf and this does not seem to bother me either. Now, my bookshelf has decrease to a few books standing on a shelf together with my cuddle toys and exercise shoes. I am proud of this progress.

sport items (previously fun items): 3 (12)
What I previously called fun items, now consist of my bike, bike helmet and inline shoes, so all items that are connected with physical exercise. Moreover, I switched the letter set to stationary, because that category seems to be more fitting, also because writing letters is not exactly a hobby of mine but rather a way of communication. In the last post, I said that having very little fun- related items says something about somebody's free time, but I would not subscribe to that anymore. Being a toy- collector does not make me have any more fun and there are plenty of things, that bring joy to me yet do not have anything to do with a certain object.

cuddle toys: 3 (7)
I also decreased the amount of cuddle toys in my room. This decrease, however, is not as remarkable as the progress I have made with the garbage bag full od cuddle toys in our basement that belonged to me. I sorted them out and kept four in my room, one which I want to put away. The rest I disposed (when they were to broken) or put into a smaller bag to be given to donation. This was something that I always had in the back of my mind when decluttering and I am happy that I was able to tackle it.

other: 2 (2)
There were, again, two items that do not belong in any category, but funnily not the same as last time. This time, this were a strap of paper I use to hide the subtitles when watching Japanese anime to focus on the language and story and the other one is a stick, I use to wind down my shutter. I am positive that I did not count the latter one the last time.

plants: 1 (6)
Contrary to my prediction, the number or plants in my room decreased a lot. While I still like plants a lot, having so many of them stuffed on my windowsill caused mold and must. Plants belong outside and this is, where most of them are right now.

total: 469, keep 372 (993, keep 840)
After doing my first counting, I had the goal to have below 550 items in my room one year later. Now, half a year later, even when including the items, I want to get rid of, I have achieved this goal by far. I find this number to be very impressive. I recently came across a 30- days minimalism challenge that should challenge one to get rid of 465 items in one month. Reading about it, I wondered whether I would even have enough items to complete this. As it turned out, I would not. So, all in all I am really happy about the progress I made and am positive that I will continue this journey.

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